Pricing Options

Selecting a pricing option is a personal choice, and customers should carefully consider the certainty of some pricing options vs the variability of others. ACE has a variety of pricing options designed to meet your needs.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial customer natural gas terms and conditions.

ACE’s pricing options are as follows:

Fixed Rate –

100% of natural gas used is locked in at a non-fluctuating rate per therm for the term selected beginning June 1. The customer’s gas bill will vary based on gas use only.

Market Index Rate –

Variable rate per therm that changes each month based on the monthly index price of the commodity market, plus an adder that includes ACE’s costs and shipping costs. The index rate will change each month, but the adder will remain constant for the term selected.

Rollover Rate –

Customers who do not submit a selection “default” or roll over to their current supplier and pricing option. These rates are set by the supplier after the selection period ends. Note, rollover rates may be affected by market prices after the end of the selection period and may be different than prices quoted to you during the selection period.

ACE WeatherShield™

ACE WeatherShield™ is a fixed monthly bill pricing option designed for customers who want to pay the same amount on their gas bill every month, regardless of gas usage or changes in the market. One fixed monthly rate covers your commodity costs, customer charges, distribution charges and the associated taxes and fees. The fixed monthly amount will not change during the Choice Gas Program year, regardless of changes to gas prices or weather-related gas usage, subject to terms and conditions. Unlike Balanced Billing, there is no monthly or periodic adjustment. See complete terms and conditions.

ACE WeatherShield terms and conditions.

ACE WeatherShield™ delegation aggreements.

Watch a short info video on ACE WeatherShield.