You know your budget best. Let us help you figure out which pricing option fits your budgeting style. Do you like to pay for what you use when you use it? A fixed or market rate pricing option might be right for you. Or if you prefer the certainty of a guaranteed monthly price, ACE WeatherShield™ could fit the bill. Nobody can tell you which will be cheaper, but we can help you explore the risks/rewards of each. Click here for a brief video explaining pricing options.

Fixed Rate per Therm

This option covers the commodity charge line item of your natural gas bill. You pay for what you use when you use it at a price that will not change for the term you choose.

Designed for customers who:

  • Want to know what to expect
  • Are uncomfortable with risk    
  • Prefer to pay for gas as you use it

Market Rate

This option covers the commodity charge line item of your natural gas bill.  You pay for what you use when you use it at a price that changes month to month.

Designed for customers who:

  • Will accept risk for potential reward    
  • Keep an eye on the market    
  • Prefer to pay for gas as you use it

ACE WeatherShield™

This option covers all the gas-related charges on your natural gas bill. With ACE WeatherShield™ you pay the exact same amount every single month, no matter how much gas you use or how much the gas market fluctuates. Unlike a Budget Billing payment plan, there’s no monthly or periodic adjustment.

Designed for customers who:

  • Are afraid of high winter heating bills    
  • Want to know exactly how much their gas bill will be
  • Prefer the certainty of a fixed monthly amount

ACE WeatherShield™ terms and conditions.

Rollover Rate

Customers who do not submit a selection “default” or rollover to their current supplier and pricing option. These prices are set by the supplier after the selection period ends. Rollover pricing may be affected by market conditions after the end of the selection period and may be higher than selection period pricing.

Is a Market Rate pricing option right for you?

Customers often ask us if a market rate per therm is better than a fixed rate per therm. Since it is impossible to determine which price will be the cheapest each year, the best question to ask yourself is, “Do I prefer the certainty of a fixed rate per therm or am I willing to accept market risk if there is an opportunity to save?”

Still have questions? 

Give us a call at 1-800-454-4759.

The Voice of Choice

“ACE has returned more than $74,000 to the City of Neligh through its revenue return program. We’ve always used our ACE funds for community improvement projects such as a county-wide alert system, playground equipment and other park improvements.”
Dale Wilkinson
Neligh, Neb.
Two girls on playground swings
"On top of providing revenue back to our City ACE also offers local groups the opportunity to participate in community clean-up events, which benefits our community and provides funds for local groups."
Tricia Allen
City Clerk, Blue Hill, Neb.
Child playing
"The distribution of ACE funds back to the Gordon community have assisted with a skate park, needed repairs at the community swimming pool and equipment for our police department."
Glen Spaugh
City Manager, Gordon, Neb.
Kids on bikes giving thumbs up
“Our community has used funds from ACE’s revenue return program for many projects, including assisting with umpire fees for the summer ball program, general park improvements, signage for Mill Race Park and Blue Bird Trail, and upgrading the camper sites at Mill Race Park.”
Shelly Wieneke
Deputy Clerk, Atkinson, Neb.
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