ACE WeatherShield™ Commercial Terms and Conditions

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ACE WeatherShield is a fixed monthly bill which can be locked in for one or two years. It covers all gas-related charges on your natural gas bill including all commodity and distribution charges, taxes and fees. Your billed amount will not change due to changes in the weather, natural gas market or distribution rates charged by Black Hills Energy. There are no monthly adjustments or settle-ups with ACE WeatherShield.


Download a PDF file of the ACE WeatherShield Commercial Account Terms and Conditions (issued 04/06/2023)

Download a PDF file of the ACE WeatherShield Commercial Account Terms and Conditions (issued 11/16/2021)

The Voice of Choice

“ACE has returned more than $74,000 to the City of Neligh through its revenue return program. We’ve always used our ACE funds for community improvement projects such as a county-wide alert system, playground equipment and other park improvements.”
Dale Wilkinson
Neligh, Neb.
Two girls on playground swings
"On top of providing revenue back to our City ACE also offers local groups the opportunity to participate in community clean-up events, which benefits our community and provides funds for local groups."
Tricia Allen
City Clerk, Blue Hill, Neb.
Child playing
"The distribution of ACE funds back to the Gordon community have assisted with a skate park, needed repairs at the community swimming pool and equipment for our police department."
Glen Spaugh
City Manager, Gordon, Neb.
Kids on bikes giving thumbs up
“Our community has used funds from ACE’s revenue return program for many projects, including assisting with umpire fees for the summer ball program, general park improvements, signage for Mill Race Park and Blue Bird Trail, and upgrading the camper sites at Mill Race Park.”
Shelly Wieneke
Deputy Clerk, Atkinson, Neb.
baseball scoreboard