Need salary data for your local utility workers?

The American Public Power Association (APPA) provides a great opportunity for utilities, regardless of whether they’re a member of APPA or not, to participate in its annual “Survey of Salaries in Local Publicly Owned Electric Utilities.” The survey features pay information for 27 management and 24 non-management utility positions. All survey participants will receive a free copy of the results. The deadline to complete the survey is July 14, 2022; utilities can access the survey here. We highly encourage all NMPP Energy members to participate.

The Voice of Choice

“ACE has returned more than $63,000 to the City of Neligh through its revenue return program. We’ve always used our ACE funds for community improvement projects such as a county-wide alert system, playground equipment and other park improvements.”
Dale Wilkinson
Neligh, Neb.
Two girls on playground swings
"ACE has always emphasized the importance of having competition and of driving the price down for the benefit of Choice Gas customers. ACE also does a great job of serving as an advocate for customers -- that's something that I emphasize a great deal with our local customers."
Randy Horst
Gurley, Neb.
baby crawling in grass
"Oshkosh is proud to say we have been a member of ACE for more than 20 years! Some of our ACE revenue checks have been used for our new swimming pool, a batting cage for the baseball field and park shade structures. This is noticeable evidence for years to come of how Oshkosh residents will benefit...
LeAnn Brown
Oshkosh, Neb.
Two people holding check