Making your selection - During the selection period

The selection period for the Nebraska Choice Gas program is the last two weeks in April (April 12-25, 2019). During this time, customers have the opportunity to select their natural gas supplier for the upcoming program year (June 1-May 31). Customers will be mailed a selection form before the beginning of the two-week period. Selections can be made in several ways:

  • Through each supplier by telephone or Web site;
  • Through Black Hills by mail or Web site;

Making a selection through ACE is quick and easy. Customers can either go to the ACE Web site ( during the selection period or call ACE’s call center toll free (800) 454-4759.

After choosing a pricing option, customers complete their selection by providing the control number (found on the selection form). Customers will then receive a confirmation number, which locks in their gas price and pricing option. Retain the confirmation number and price for verification on your June natural gas bill.

As always, customers who have questions regarding the selection process can call ACE at
(800) 454-4759.