Market Rates vs. Fixed Rates

Is a Market Index Rate right for you?

The decision to select a fixed or market-based rate is a personal customer choice based on many factors.
Primarily, customers should determine whether they want price certainty with a fixed rate, or whether they are willing to let their rate be determined by the natural gas commodity market.

At ACE, we're in it for you, and want our customers to get the very lowest rates possible. For that reason, we offer the following information. Although past performance has no bearing on future rates, ACE customers have realized savings by choosing market rates over fixed rates for the illustrated period.

                                                       CENTRAL REGION                                        WESTERN REGION

*Disclaimer: Based on typical residential customer profile. In order to illustrate minimum savings experienced, 
comparison data uses lowest fixed rates and highest market rates offered during selection period. This is based on historical information.
Past performance has no bearing on future rates.


Not sure if a market rate is right for you?

Give us a call. We’ll be glad to discuss the market rate option as well as other ACE pricing options available.