Choice Gas FAQ's

Why are there Guaranteed and Plus Pipeline Rates this year? 

Tallgrass, the pipeline all suppliers use to ship/transport gas into the state, has submitted an application to raise their rates for the first time in 17 years. To do so, they need approval from a federal regulatory agency. Unfortunately, we won’t know the outcome of the rate case until sometime after the Choice Gas selection period. To address this unknown quantity, ACE is offering a variety of rates. 

Is there any transport or shipping in my rate?

A guaranteed rate per therm includes the estimated outcome of the recent pipeline rate case. A plus pipeline charges rate contains current known transport rates and will adjust throughout the year to incorporate actual pipeline charges. 

What is ACE?

ACE, the Public Alliance for Community Energy, is a municipally-owned, not-for-profit natural gas supplier in the Nebraska Choice Gas program.

Where are market prices found?

The Wall Street Journal and the Internet carry NYMEX & futures prices. Monthly index rates for non-published CIG indice are available upon request to ACE customers.

What affects the price of natural gas?

Natural gas prices are driven by the natural gas commodities market. Some factors that drive the market are supply, demand, weather and crude oil prices.

What separates ACE from other suppliers?

ACE is the only not-for-profit, community-owned supplier in the Nebraska Choice Gas program.

What if I have a problem with my gas system?

Any issues with meters, gas delivery, system safety and billing are the responsibility of the distributor (Black Hills) and can be contacted by calling (800) 563-0012.

Which is the cheaper rate: fixed or market?

ACE cannot predict the market so it’s not possible to tell customers which option will be the cheapest for the upcoming gas year. Fixed rates are based on the gas futures market. Market rates change each month according to actual market price.

What is the difference between fixed rate per therm and ACE WeatherShield?

With a per therm rate customers pay for the gas they use each month, when they use it. With ACE WeatherShield customers pay a set amount each month, no matter how much or little is used.

Why does ACE use CIG instead of NYMEX for pricing?

CIG (Colorado Interstate Gas) indice more accurately reflects the actual cash prices of natural gas to our region. NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) is a publicly traded market which establishes pricing primarily for the east coast.