Nebraska Choice Gas Program - What is it?

ACE encourages participation in the Nebraska Choice Gas program, which provides an opportunity for Nebraska customers on the Black Hills distribution system to choose their natural gas supplier each year.
The program’s annual natural gas supplier selection period is during the last two weeks in April (April 12-25, 2019). During these two weeks, customers can select their natural gas supplier for the upcoming program year, which runs June 1 through May 31.

If customers do not make a selection during the two-week period, they will “rollover” to their current supplier and pricing option.

ACE is the only community-owned, not-for-profit supplier in the program. We encourage you to compare prices and pricing options during the selection period to receive the lowest rate and best pricing option.

Black Hills owns the pipeline distribution system, conducts meter readings and provides maintenance and billing services regardless of supplier selected.

Black Hills offers Budget Billing and the Customer Appliance Protection Program (CAPP) to all customers regardless of supplier selected.
For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Choice Gas program, click here, or you can call ACE at (800) 454-4759.

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